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Poetry Contest Submission 2


It was a business.

Foot massage, back massage, head massage,
we offer them all-
just as we said in the classified ads.
So you see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
We conceal nothing.
Granted, we pride ourselves in our creativity,
Our innovative methods,
Our casual setting,
Our full-bodied commitment to our clients-
But please, don’t underestimate our schooling
in the art of applying *just* the right pressures.
It’s only a business,
and my, do your feet look tense.

Poetry Contest Submission1


It was a business foot massage.
But not strictly business—
His fingers curled under her toes
The way sin creeps under the doors of a church
The pads of his fingers pressing into
The underbelly of her sole
Applying the pressure of his temptation
To lead him not into demotion.

Preying for Baltimore

On a raucous morning
the city dawns
in pink and blue and orange

The sirens bleat like so many
sheep on a hillside,
pithy horns singing a symphony
of anxiety and depression.

The grey concrete beneath
is deathly still.

Icy tendrils threaten to
overtake me,
creeping up and down my legs
violating my warmth and peeling
my soul from my body.

It is cold enough that clouds of
exhalation swirl when I inhale,
that my big toes are curled
against mismatched socks
within tattered snow boots.

Steam gathers in the laundry vents
and the crazy old man with a
condom-hat preys on the warmth.
He reminds me of a giant soothsayer,
sucking in the ghosts of someone’s
clean tighty-whiteys.

He is either preying or praying and
he is hating this tough-as-nails winter.

Whoever said that  this city was
might have had something…
but they might have been on something
because I don’t feel very glorious right now.

I feel cold and violated and lulled to
A pulsing, vibrating sense of
Every time the stoplight changes and the
howls echo and the
of those patriotic, sheep-like cops
flash across that crazy man’s face
like signs from God.

– April Nicotera

Thursday Update – Abel Tasman

The following video is part of a series that Jerry Fagerberg and Dan Koster composed while abroad in New Zealand last semester.

The pair call the group Abel Tasman after the famous explorer for whom a national park is named on the South Island. Their album, Sighs of the New Zealand Outback, includes an eclectic mix of spoken word, folk music and experimental audio tracks.

The album is available in full on YouTube.

This video is for their song “Hearts Beating Laughter at the Foot of Mt. Thomas”

UPDATE: Check Us Out on YouTube!

In this ever-demanding world of increasing technology, the GCPR has made a commitment to YouTube for more universal presentation of or glorious work.

Few videos are up as of this post but keep checking here.

Just uploaded: Morgan State videos from last semester’s poetry slam!



Shake, Rattle

You shook tonight.
You shook tonight, I rattled you.
Like lips in cold air,
like eyelids holding between daylight and dream,
like a heartmuscle,
you shook tonight.

The motion in your wrist tightened and stopped
and your shoulders collapsed forward

into the arms that rattled you.

-Jerry Fagerberg