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Announcing the Business Foot Massage Poetry Competition, Suckas

Hey there folks. Over here at the Greyhound Collective Poetry Revival we’re having ourselves a little friendly competition because that’s what poets do when they’re bored. What you will find is 8 submissions below, each coming from a GCPR member or alumni. We challenged the poets to write a poem beginning with the line “It was a business foot massage” because we’re quirky and shit. Below we’ve included a poll for y’all (the readers) to vote on which poem you like the best – all under the veil of anonymity so no playing favorites, folks. We will announce a winner on April 1, in celebration of the magical, mystical, whimsical National Poetry Month. Winner gets a business foot massage and eternal bragging rights. Losers will give said foot massage and receive eternal shame.

Please vote. And do so only once.

Poems were submitted by GCPR members Annie Furnald, Leya Burns, Sarah Nielsen and Petra Nanney and GCPR alumni Jerry Fagerberg, April Nicotera, Cathryn Dutton and Eve-a Strillacci.


UPDATE: Check Us Out on YouTube!

In this ever-demanding world of increasing technology, the GCPR has made a commitment to YouTube for more universal presentation of or glorious work.

Few videos are up as of this post but keep checking here.

Just uploaded: Morgan State videos from last semester’s poetry slam!