Body Pride Week Poetry

Ed note: I know Body Pride Week was last week but I never check the email account and this one was too good to hang onto for another year. Don’t like it? Well, that’s too bad.

When I look at my face
In the Mirror,
I wonder,
What am I going to look like
Years from Now?

I’ll be honest with you,
I don’t have a clue!
Just like I don’t know why the sky is

All I know is:
I will miss my young Beautiful face
Because I like looking Beautiful
I must say:
Since old age
Is coming my way
I will forget my looks for now
And work on my heart
And my mind
So that when my Beautiful looks
Fade away
You will find
See the beauty
Behind my looks
And that is
The beauty in my mind
And the beauty inside


By Alex Snee


About loyolapoets

The Greyhound Collective Poetry Revival would like to consider “mission statement” in its simplest terms. Rather than reiterate the boundaries of our task, we simply express our aim: to become a mission – a party of individuals sent out into the world with a message meant to unveil a uniting principle of truth. We define this message as “poetry.” We promote poetry as a viable and vivid art form, alive and accessible. Freed from its ivory tower, our poetry will breathe life into an ailing form while fostering an artful relationship with the greater community. We assert ourselves under the following mantra: “your mouth is a sign of how sacred your life actually is.” As a collective, we write to be sanctified. View all posts by loyolapoets

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