Stone Soup

Stone Soup

If I could nail your flippers to the floor Like the little mermaid should You should know Darling That I would You are the butcher to my meat The beat to my sway My teeth chatter when you are away Words just missing limbs Caught between tombstone floors They haunt me I need you to open doors The way my phantom fingers should Light some fires Black the insides of my boiler Pour smoke out my chimneys Sidle into smokey dives to sing karaoke Drink spirits to the spirits of our youth Sit with me During morning cartoons Tell me Tom hates Jerry Like you love me Lay me flat With your own fucking anvil Fold me open Like a book Put your fingers in all the right places And I will ignite our love with a look You make me feel warm like Whiskey like Old flannel like going camping as kids and the woods wrapped around us like a blanket Whispering ghost stories and every needle underfoot is another bone breaking some other pine coffin cracking open and we were cracking up and I pulled you into the places that death took up and I nailed you in and we settled down your name in my mouth like a stone we’ll make soup together darling you should know and if there’s nothing in it but the scent of you
it will fill me up

-Eve Strillacci


About loyolapoets

The Greyhound Collective Poetry Revival would like to consider “mission statement” in its simplest terms. Rather than reiterate the boundaries of our task, we simply express our aim: to become a mission – a party of individuals sent out into the world with a message meant to unveil a uniting principle of truth. We define this message as “poetry.” We promote poetry as a viable and vivid art form, alive and accessible. Freed from its ivory tower, our poetry will breathe life into an ailing form while fostering an artful relationship with the greater community. We assert ourselves under the following mantra: “your mouth is a sign of how sacred your life actually is.” As a collective, we write to be sanctified. View all posts by loyolapoets

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